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eBooks and articles to get you thinking

Included here are a sampling of articles I have written over the years that cover topics useful to professional waxers but not widely discussed. They address issues such as:

    • Does taking ibuprofen before waxing help with the pain?
    • What are the best kind of disposable gloves to use with waxing?
    • How do you answer your clients' tough questions?
    • What are the unique challenges of waxing men?

If you have specific questions about waxing or comments about any of these articles, feel free to contact me via email by clicking here.

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Will Taking Ibuprofen Before Waxing
Stop Some of the Pain?

aspirinAdvising clients to take ibuprofen or acetominophen before waxing is very common, and the assumption is that it will help with some of the pain associated with hair removal. But does it really work? Read this article to learn more about what benefits your clients can expect from taking an analgesic before their appointment. Read more here . . .

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How to Choose the Best
Disposable Gloves for Waxing

glovesDisposable gloves are essential to preventing the transmission of bacteria or disease, but should you use vinyl, latex, or nitrile? Read this article to get more information on what benefit each type of glove provides so you can make the best choice. Read more here . . .

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The Four Words I Hate to Hear

womanWhat do you say when a client asks a question like, "Why does my skin turn red after waxing?" or "Why do we grow pubic hair, anyway?" Do you say the four words I hate to hear? Read this article to learn how to answer those tough questions, and how you can learn the answers to some of waxing's trickiest questions. Read more here . . .

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The Unique Challenges of Waxing Men

men's waxingMen represent the fastest growing segment of business in the waxing industry, and yet many waxers are hesitant to take men as clients. Part of that hesitation is due to the fact that schools rarely teach the specifics of waxing men, and many waxers feel they simply don't have enough training to be confident. Read this article to learn about some of the challenges presented by men, and how you can overcome them. Read more here . . .

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