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January 15, 2015 -- Press Release, "What Every Waxer Needs to Know About Inflammation"

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January 15, 2015 | Portland, OR, USA

Inflammation: New Management Strategies for Professional Waxers

Has science over-looked human hair as the secret for understanding inflammation? This waxer thinks so and she's got the research to prove it.

With the publication of her new book, "What Every Waxer Needs to Know About Inflammation," professional waxer Judy Zifka delivers a fascinating new explanation of inflammation, and then demonstrates how waxers can use this knowledge to improve client care and grow their business.

Backed with an impressive collection of research from scientific fields that span far beyond the beauty industry, Judy Zifka walks the reader through the steps of inflammation from the unique perspective of a waxer. Along the way she offers innovative new strategies for reducing pain and inflammation.

  • Why applying heat will calm inflammation faster than using something cold
  • How caffeine can be used to quickly reduce inflammation
  • Why your clients might benefit more from using an anti-histamine than an aspirin
  • Why pain is a trigger for inflammation
  • How to know which parts of the body need extra pressure after a pull
  • How to predict someone's sensitivity to waxing just by looking at their hair color

The hard work of doing the research is done. Now it's time to share the information with other waxers and raise the excellence of care that can be delivered to clients.

The business of waxing has strong growth potential, and is one of the most lucrative branches of the beauty industry. As competition increases for new clients, however, the most valuable waxer is the one who understands how to address pain and inflammation -- the two biggest fears of potential clients. 

Author Judy Zifka has been waxing both men and women since 2001, using her business as an impromptu research lab where she could study the "Why?" of inflammation. In addition to her license as an esthetician, she has a B.S. in Geography from the University of Alaska-Fairbanks and over 20 years experience in the fields of neurology and genetics as the parent of a child with a complex neurologic disorder. Her background in the sciences combined with her experience in the waxing studio gives her a unique platform from which to study inflammation. She lives in Portland, Oregon and recently retired after many years in a busy practice. Her focus now is on sharing her research with others.   

Judy is currently working on her next book, "The Secret Intelligence of Hair," which takes a new look at the purpose of hair and what it reveals about the evolution of human intelligence.

Get more information, read sample chapters, and view Table of Contents at www.WaxingWithJudy.com


Contact: Judy Fleming Zifka
www.WaxingWithJudy.com (press kit and author bio)
"What Every Waxer Needs to Know About Inflammation" is available as a 360-page book that sells for $39.99 or as an electronic version (PDF) that sells for $19.99. Complimentary copies of the PDF are available for press review.



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book details

Title: What Every Waxer Needs to Know About Inflammation

Author: Judy Fleming Zifka

Publication date: November, 2014

Publisher: Booklocker, Inc. , Bradenton, FL 34210 (www.BookLocker.com)

Pages: 360 pages with illustrations, bibliography and index

Format: 6x9 softcover ($39.99 + $3 s/h) or PDF ($19.95)

ISBN: 978-0-692-28964-8

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Complimentary copies of the PDF version of "What Every Waxer Needs to Know About Inflammation" are available to trade journals, newspapers and other media outlets.

Please email me with your contact information and I will provide a copy to you.

email: judyzifka@yahoo.com


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Judy Zifka

Judy Zifka



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Contact: Judy Fleming Zifka, Author

Telephone: 541-420-0615

email: judyzifka@yahoo.com

Please contact me via email for mailing address



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