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judy (fleming) zifka
author and waxing professional

Judy ZifkaI have been studying skin care for over 20 years, and for the past 12 years have been a professional waxer of both women and men. My goal during those years was always to be the best esthetician possible. That goal is what drives me to investigate inflammation and write these books that explain it in a way that is meaningful to waxers.

Before I entered the field of waxing, my training was in the sciences.  During those years my interest was held by two very different fields -- climatology and neurology.

I have a Bachelors of Science degree in Physical Geography from the University of Alaska, with an emphasis on prehistoric climates. I spent time at the Goddard Institute of Space Science (GISS) at Columbia University, where I worked on one of the earliest computer models to study the effect of greenhouse gases on climate. Climatology taught me how to review and correlate scientific research from many different fields.

I am also the parent of two children, one of whom was born with a rare neurologic disorder known as lissencephaly. By necessity, I have become more familiar than most with the subjects of genetics, neurology, and embryology.

It might not seem that climatology or neurology could have much bearing on the work I do as a waxer, but it turns out that they both taught me something essential that I needed to understand how inflammation works. When I blended my science background with my waxing background, it produced an exciting new model for inflammation that could be tested in my waxing studio. The results were so incredible that I had to share them with others.

I find it fascinating to look at waxing from the perspective of a scientist, and then to turn it around and look at science from the perspective of a waxer. The discoveries that came from researching inflammation from the perspective of hair are the most important contributions of my professional life.

I have recently retired from active practice so I could focus my energy on education. Most of my time is spent in Portland, Oregon, where I work on my research, writing, and talk to students about career opportunities in the field of waxing.

judy fleming zifka



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