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with advanced education for professionals

"What Every Waxer Needs to Know About Inflammation"


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What Every Waxer Needs to Know About Inflammation

Advanced Education for Professional Waxers

What Every Waxer Needs to Know About Inflammation

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$39.99 for print format, or $19.99 for electronic format.

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Get your copy
of this groundbreaking book
and watch your waxing business grow.

  • The business of waxing has excellent growth potential, and is one of the most lucrative branches of the beauty industry. As competition increases for new clients, however, the most valuable waxer is the one who understands how to address pain and inflammation -- the two biggest fears of potential clients.

  • Maximize your earning potential with these new techniques for reducing pain and inflammation during hair removal. Draw in new clients and retain existing ones with expert care that sets you apart from other waxers and makes your clients very happy!

  • Contains dozens of new ideas and techniques that can be integrated into your waxing routine for little or no cost, yet dramatically improve the results you can create in your clients' skin.

  • Written and tested by a professional waxer. These ideas really work, even though you may be surprised that some of them contradict what we've always been told.
  • Backed with an impressive collection of research from scientific fields that span far beyond the beauty industry, Judy Zifka walks the reader through the steps of inflammation from the unique perspective of a waxer. Along the way she offers some of the most innovative new strategies for reducing pain and inflammation that have been developed in years.

  • Easy to understand, easy to learn, and very easy for clients to appreciate the results. The hard work of doing the research is done. Now it's time to share the information with other waxers and raise the bar on client care in the waxing business. Be a smart waxer and you'll have clients for as long as you care to work.

What Every Waxer Needs to Know About Inflammation
is like a college course in waxing

theory and practice

The first section of the book deals with the theory of inflammation.

    • This is where the foundation is built for understanding why the techniques work so well, even though they seem unorthodox. The Theory section draws from a broad reach of scientific research. but is presented as an easy 6-Step model that can be used by all waxers.

    • The Theory section is built around the six steps of the inflammatory cascade. If you don't know what the inflammatory cascade is, that alone is reason to read this book because these six steps are the waxers most powerful tool to understand and treat inflammation.

    • None of this was taught to us in school, and yet these are some of the most important concepts that professional waxers must understand if they are to call themselves an expert.

The second section of the book provides techniques you can use to minimize pain and inflammation -- the two biggest fears for new waxing clients.

    • All of these techniques have been tested in a professional waxing studio and are remarkably effective. You get step by step instructions on how to implement them into your routine with little or no investment. You already have almost everything you need. You just need to use them in a slightly different way.

    • Some of these ideas will contradict everything you've been told about treating inflammation in the waxing studio, but that's because no one has ever looked at inflammation from a waxer's perspective. It's easy to see why they work once you understand the science behind them.

    • These ideas are so new, so effective, and so easy that they are going to be adopted throughout our industry as soon as the word gets out. My trick of using caffeine to reduce inflammation, for example, was a favorite among my clients, and ever since I retired they are spreading the word to their new waxers. Get in on this now and establish yourself as the kind of waxing expert that clients never want to leave. They're all just looking for someone to take good care of them, and you are that person.

This will be one of the smartest investments you ever made
in your waxing career.

    • It would take hours and hours of expensive training to provide everything I am offering in this one book, and I'm doing it because I really believe this is something every waxer needs to know.

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available in print and eBook

$39.99 for print format, or $19.99 for electronic format.

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